Data & Publications

To date, HMS LINCS papers have focusedĀ on descriptions of specific subsets of HMS LINCS data with the aim of describing a particular use case or biological finding. Of course, such papers represent only one way of looking at the data. The primary goal of our papers, publication summaries, and data exploration tools is to encourage others to download the primary data and study them using their own tools and ideas. HMS LINCS data are accessible through the HMS LINCS Database, and an up-to-date list of HMS LINCS publications is available through the Publications page of this website.

Relationship of projects, tools, and LINCS data. Data visualization tools (light pink) provide interactive access to specific types of data and are typically associated with specific publications (yellow ovals) or tools (green oval). Project summary web pages make clear which LINCS datasets were used in particular publications. Except when they are available from external sources, all data in our papers are stored in the HMS LINCS Database.