All HMS LINCS data are available by browsing or searching the HMS LINCS Database, and many datasets can be visualized through customized graphical browsers accessible through our publication and project summary pages. The HMS LINCS Database includes comprehensive metadata annotations for each dataset, including detailed information on the protocol and on the small molecule, protein, and cell line reagents associated with each dataset. (See below for more details.) We also provide an API (application programming interface) for machine-driven data access. Interested users can learn more about our overall approach to data collection and presentation by exploring this website and the publications arising from our Center.


Reagents: Perturbagens and Cells

Small molecule inhibitors: Using information from the public domain on kinase inhibitors and other bioactive small molecules used in the HMS LINCS Center, we regularly curate the information in our HMS LINCS Database to provide a comprehensive resource for those seeking to use these versatile perturbagens in their own work. Information stored about small molecules in the HMS LINCS Database includes compound structures, quality control data, and curated information about known targets and active concentrations. The Small Molecules page in the HMS LINCS Database provides the full list of small molecule perturbagens being studied in the HMS LINCS Center.

Cytokines: We also provide curated information about cytokines used in HMS LINCS experiments via the Proteins page of the HMS LINCS Database.

Cells: The Cells page in the HMS LINCS Database provides access to information about the more than 100 cell lines being studied at the HMS LINCS Center. The Common Project MCF 10A page summarizes HMS LINCS data on the MCF 10A human breast cell line.

July 2, 2015: The HMS LINCS cell collection was updated to include only cells used at Harvard Medical School and in collaboration with other LINCS Phase II investigators. An archive of all cell information posted in the HMS LINCS Database before July 2, 2015, is available here and also at LIFE.



A complete list of all datasets available in the HMS LINCS Database can be found on the Datasets page. To sort this list by dataset type (e.g. to find the HMS Dataset IDs for all HMS LINCS ELISA or Microscopy/Imaging datasets stored in the database), click on the blue “HMS LINCS Dataset Type” column heading. The full list can be downloaded by clicking “Excel (XLS)” or “Comma-separated (CSV)”.

For many of our published datasets, publication and project summary pages provide access to additional relevant information, data, software, and tools. These can be found in the Data Exploration section of this website.

July 2, 2015: The MGH/CMT Growth Inhibition datasets previously stored in the HMS LINCS Database are now available via the LIFE data resource (University of Miami).