LINCS Data Forum 2013

The LINCS Data Forum was held March 20-21, 2013 at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA to showcase the data produced to date as well as computational tools for data analysis and methods of data visualization. Attendees were invited to participate in discussions of the curation and management of large data sets, methods for integrating data from diverse sources (imaging, biochemical, and gene expression assays as well as genomic data) and the role of standards for data annotation and accessibility. LINCS project scientists and others will provide live demonstrations of their data repositories and web-based tools for data analysis and visualization. Speakers from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries  discussed collection and applications of large datasets relevant to their work.  This is an opportunity for the larger biological research community to come together to address the challenges and opportunities posed by large, biomedically-relevant data sets from diverse assay systems.

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The meeting coincided with VIZBI, the Visualizing Biological Data meeting at MIT.

Video footage of the conference will be made available. Meeting agendaDownload the conference program and abstract book.


Agenda as of 03/20/13

Keynote speakers:

Garry Nolan, Stanford University

Olga Troyanskaya, Princeton University



Jason Swedlow, University of Dundee

Nikesh Kotecha, Cytobank

Peter Sorger, Harvard Medical School/MIT

Todd Golub, Broad Institute

Andrea Califano, Columbia University

Jacob D. Jaffe, The Broad Institute

Stephan Schurer, University of Miami

Mike Rossner, The Rockefeller University Press

Andrew Hufton, Nature Publishing Group

Jeremy Jenkins, Novartis

Myles Axton, Nature Genetics

Thomas Lemberger, EMBO