KiNativ data

KiNativ is a biochemical kinase profiling assay that measures small molecule binding to kinases in cell lysates. For each compound, a total of 194 to 316 kinases are monitored, depending on the individual experiment. Here, we have assembled a table of all small molecules in the HMS LINCS collection that we have profiled by KiNativ, including links to the raw binding data. This table is also available for download as a spreadsheet (.xlsx).
Last Update: September 15, 2016.

Primary name Alternative names LINCS Small
Molecule ID
HMS Small
Molecule ID
Dataset ID
5z-7-oxozeaenol LSM-6712 HMSL10356 20255
AZ-628 LSM-1050 HMSL10050 20091
BX795 LSM-1189 HMSL10188 20207
CH5424802 LSM-1202 HMSL10201 20105
DCC-2036 LSM-6708 HMSL10351 20210
GW-5074 LSM-1029 HMSL10029 20088
HG-6-64-01 KIN001-206 LSM-1017 HMSL10017 20093
Ibrutinib PCI-32765 LSM-1129 HMSL10129 20206
Ibrutinib PCI-32765 LSM-1129 HMSL10129 20214
JNK-IN-8 LSM-36360 HMSL10363 20213
JWE-035 LSM-1092 HMSL10092 20100
NPK76-II-72-1 LSM-1070 HMSL10070 20106
NVP-BHG712 KIN001-265 LSM-1201 HMSL10200 20104
OTSSP167 LSM-6340 HMSL10337 20209
PF-3758309 LSM-4254 HMSL10231 20254
PLX-4720 LSM-1049 HMSL10049 20090
PLX4032 RG7204; R7204; RO5185426 LSM-1068 HMSL10068 20092
QL-X-138 LSM-1075 HMSL10075 20204
QL-XII-47 LSM-6019 HMSL10077 20205
SB590885 LSM-1046 HMSL10046 20089
Sorafenib BAY-439006 LSM-1008 HMSL10008 20087
Torin1 LSM-1079 HMSL10079 20094
Torin2 LSM-1080 HMSL10080 20095
WZ3105 LSM-5970 HMSL10084 20253
XMD-12 LSM-1106 HMSL10106 20103
XMD11-50 LRRK2-in-1 LSM-1086 HMSL10086 20097
XMD11-85h LSM-1087 HMSL10087 20098
XMD16-144 LSM-1091 HMSL10091 20099
XMD8-85 LSM-1093 HMSL10093 20101
XMD8-92 LSM-1094 HMSL10094 20102