LINCS MCF 10A Common Project: Highly-multiplexed imaging by Cyclic Immunofluorescence (CycIF) of protein levels and protein phosphorylation states in the MCF 10A breast cell line treated with 8 small molecule perturbagens. Dataset 2 of 6: Nuclear fluorescent intensity measurements at 24 hr. - Dataset (ID:20304)

Other Reagents Studied

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HMS LINCS ID Name Alternative Names LINCS ID Alternative IDs
90003-2 Hoechst 33342
90006-1 ActinRed 555
ActinRed™ 555 ReadyProbes® Reagent
90007-1 HCS CellMask Deep Red
HCS CellMask™ Deep Red Stain
90008-1 MitoTracker Green
MitoTracker® Green FM
  • 4 Other Reagents