Growth rate-corrected (GR) dose-response metrics across a panel of 71 breast cancer cell lines treated with a library of small molecule and antibody perturbagens. Dataset 1 of 4: Relative cell counts and normalized growth rate inhibition values across technical replicates. - Dataset (ID:20268)

Data Columns

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Name Description Display Name Data Type Unit Precision Readout Type Replicate Comments
Cell reagent
Cell cell
Clinical subtype of cell line
Clinical Subtype Text
Transcriptional subtype of cell line
Transcriptional Subtype Text
Small molecule perturbagen
Small Molecule small_molecule
Antibody perturbagen
Antibody antibody
perturbagenTarget Perturbagen Target Text
perturbagenClass Perturbagen Class Text
perturbagenConcentration Perturbagen Concentration Text
perturbagenConcUnit Perturbagen Conc Unit Text
biologicalReplicateID Biological Replicate ID Text
Estimated cell count after perturbagen treatment ( x(c) ) normalized to estimated control cell count with DMSO treatment ( xctrl )
Relative Cell Count Numeric 4
Normalized growth rate inhibition value for treated cells
Normalized Growth Rate Inhibition Value Numeric 4
Estimated number of divisions of the DMSO-treated control over the course of the assay
Nominal Division Rate Numeric 4
  • 13 Data Columns