Breast Cancer Cell Density: Imaging assay of the density- and context-dependence of small molecule perturbagen response in breast cancer cell lines. Dataset 1 of 3: Cell count and normalized growth rate inhibition values. - Dataset (ID:20256)

Data Columns

  • 11 Data Columns
Name Description Display Name Data Type Unit Precision Readout Type Replicate Comments
Cell reagent
Cell cell
Small molecule perturbagen
Small Molecule small_molecule
smallMolConcentration Small Mol Concentration Text
smallMolConcUnit Small Mol Conc Unit Text
replicate Replicate Numeric 0
Number of cells seeded per well
Seeding Density Numeric 2
# of nuclei before treatment in a matched set of wells based on Hoechst 33342 segmentation ( x0 )
Total Cell Count Before Treatment Numeric 2
# of nuclei after treatment based on Hoechst 33342 segmentation ( x(c) )
Total Cell Count After Treatment Numeric 2
# of nuclei in a DMSO-treated control sample based on Hoechst 33342 segmentation ( xctrl )
Total Control Cell Count Numeric 2
Total Cell Count After Treatment normalized to Total Control Cell Count
Relative Cell Count Numeric 4
Normalized growth rate inhibition value for treated cells
Normalized Growth Rate Inhibition Value Numeric 4
  • 11 Data Columns