Cell signaling response to cytokines measured by high throughput microscopy - Dataset (ID:20139)

Data Columns

  • 10 Data Columns
Name Description Display Name Data Type Unit Precision Readout Type Replicate Comments
A Cell Line reagent
Cell Line cell
A Cell Line reagent
Unclassified Perturbagen
Unclassified Perturbagen unclassified
Unclassified Perturbagen
A Protein reagent
Protein protein
A Protein reagent
In the HMS-LINCS database view of this dataset, a thumbnail image is shown that links to images (in the HMS-LINCS OMERO server) of all 4 fields captured for each well/experimental condition. The initial image view is from field 1.
Image omero_image
concentration of protein ligand (growth factor)
Protein Ligand Concentration Numeric ng/ml 0
concUnit Conc unit Text
time Time Numeric 0
timeUnit Time unit Text
protein being measured
Measured Protein Text
protein levels after ligand treatment
Measured Protein Value Numeric arbitrary unit 3
  • 10 Data Columns