MCF 10A-H2B-mCherry - Cell Line (ID:51124)

Name: MCF 10A-H2B-mCherry
Alternative Names:
Alternative ID: CLO_0007599
Parent Cell Line: HMSL50583-7: MCF 10A
Reference Source: Mario Niepel (Harvard Medical School)
Organism: Homo sapiens
Organ: breast
Cell Type: epithelial
Details of Cell Type:
Donor Sex: female
Donor Age:
Donor Ethnicity:
Donor Health Status:
Disease: fibrocystic disease
Details of Disease: non-tumorigenic
Production Details: Modification type: retroviral transformation with an H2B-mCherry expression cassette that comprised AAVS1 homology arms, the hPGK promotor, and SV40 polyA terminator and integration into the AAVS1 safe harbor genomic locus using CRISPR/Cas9; followed by clonal selection based on transgene expression level. Citations: H2B-mCherry expression cassette: gift of Robert Benezra (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center), Addgene plasmid #20972; SV40 polyA terminator: gift from Rudolf Jaenisch (Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research), Addgene plasmid # 22072.
Genetic Modification(s): H2B-mCherry integration at AAVS1 safe harbor locus
Known Mutations:
Citation Information for Mutations:
Verification Reference Profile:
Growth Properties: adherent
Recommended Culture Conditions:
Relevant Citations: PMID 27135972
Usage Note:
Date Publicly Available: 2016-08-24
Most Recent Update: 2016-08-24

Batch Information for HMSL51124-1:

HMS LINCS Batch ID: 51124-1
Provider: Mario Niepel (Harvard Medical School)
Provider Catalog ID:
Provider Batch ID:
Source Information:
Date Received:
HMS QC Outcome: PASS
Transient Modification(s):
Date Publicly Available: 2016-08-24
Most Recent Update: 2016-09-09

HMS QC Testing Events for HMSL51124-1:

Date HMS QC Outcome Comment Files
03/31/2016 PASS Chung_STR_Profiling_Results_3_31_16.xls