MDA-MB-436 - Cell Line (ID:50333)

Name: MDA-MB-436
Alternative Names:
Alternative ID: CLO_0007639
Parent Cell Line:
Reference Source: ATCC HTB-130
Organism: Homo sapiens
Organ: breast
Cell Type:
Details of Cell Type:
Donor Sex: female
Donor Age:
Donor Ethnicity:
Donor Health Status:
Disease: DOID:3458, adenocarcinoma
Details of Disease: breast adenocarcinoma
Production Details:
Genetic Modification(s): none
Known Mutations:
Citation Information for Mutations: COSS1240172
Verification Reference Profile:
Growth Properties: adherent
Recommended Culture Conditions: From MGH/CMT as specified by cell provider: Leibovitz's L-15 medium with 10 mcg/ml insulin, 16 mcg/ml glutathione, 90%; fetal bovine serum, 10%. Subculturing: Subcultures are prepared by scraping. Remove spent medium, add 3 to 5 ml of fresh medium, dislodge cells from the floor of the flask, aspirate and dispense into new flasks. Subculture every 6 to 8 days. Subcultivation ratio: A subcultivation ratio of 1:2 is recommended
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Usage Note:
Date Publicly Available: 2012-07-31
Most Recent Update: 2016-04-04

Batch Information for HMSL50333-1:

HMS LINCS Batch ID: 50333-1
Provider: ATCC
Provider Catalog ID: HTB-130
Provider Batch ID:
Source Information: Obtained by Joe Gray's group (Oregon Health & Science University) from ATCC
Date Received:
HMS QC Outcome:
Transient Modification(s):
Date Publicly Available: 2012-07-31
Most Recent Update: 2015-06-29