Highly-multiplexed imaging by Cyclic Immunofluorescence (CycIF) of protein levels and protein phosphorylation states in the MCF 10A breast cell line treated with EGF or four kinase inhibitors - Dataset (ID:20267)

Small Molecules Studied

  • 4 Small Molecules
HMS LINCS ID Name Alternative Names LINCS ID Structure Image PubChem CID
10051-7 Lapatinib
GW-572016; Tykerb
LSM-1051 208908
10056-4 Selumetinib
AZD6244; Array142886
LSM-1056 10127622
10232-4 Dactolisib
BEZ235; NVP-BEZ235
LSM-4255 11977753
10345-4 Torkinib
LSM-6357 57347681
  • 4 Small Molecules