Highly multiplexed imaging by Cyclic Immunofluorescence (CycIF) of protein levels and protein phosphorylation states in the COLO 858 melanoma cell line - Dataset (ID:20236)

Data Columns

  • 23 Data Columns
Name Description Display Name Data Type Unit Precision Readout Type Replicate Comments
Cell reagent
Cell cell
Small molecule perturbagen
Small Molecule small_molecule
smallMolConcentration Small Mol Concentration Text
smallMolConcUnit Small Mol Conc Unit Text
timepoint Timepoint Numeric 0
timepointUnit Timepoint Unit Text
Link to raw image file from the designated cycle of CycIF
Raw Image omero_image
Link to composite image file with data from both CycIF cycles
Registered Image omero_image
cycIFRound CycIF Round Text
Primary antibody reagent
Primary Antibody antibody
Secondary antibody reagent
Secondary Antibody antibody
cytellfilter Cytell filter Text
Protein detected by immunofluorescence with the specified antibodies
Protein Detected protein
Other reagent detected by fluorescence
Other Reagent Detected other_reagent
measuredfluorescenceintensityAU Measured Fluorescence Intensity (a.u.) Numeric 1
well Well Text
field Field Numeric 0
cellIDNumber Cell ID Number Text
X-coordinate of the region of interest in the image field
X-coordinate Numeric 2
Y-coordinate of the region of interest in the image field
Y-coordinate Numeric 2
cellareaUm2 Cell Area (um^2) Numeric 0
cellperimeterUm Cell Perimeter (um) Numeric 2
cellCircularity Cell Circularity Numeric 3
  • 23 Data Columns