NCI-H1648 - Cell Line (ID:50032)

Name: NCI-H1648
Alternative Names: H1648
Alternative ID: CLO_0008006
Parent Cell Line:
Reference Source: ATCC CRL-5882
Organism: Homo sapiens
Organ: lung
Cell Type:
Details of Cell Type:
Donor Sex: male
Donor Age:
Donor Ethnicity:
Donor Health Status:
Disease: DOID:3910, lung adenocarcinoma
Details of Disease: NSCLC adenocarcinoma
Production Details:
Genetic Modification(s): none
Known Mutations:
Citation Information for Mutations: COSS687799
Verification Reference Profile: DNA Profile (STR, source: ATCC): Amelogenin: X,Y CSF1PO: 10,12 D13S317: 12 D16S539: 11 D5S818: 11 D7S820: 10,11 THO1: 7,9.3 TPOX: 8,11 vWA: 14,17
Growth Properties: adherent
Recommended Culture Conditions: From MGH/CMT as specified by cell provider: ACL-4 medium (serum-free). ACL-4 medium is formulated at the ATCC as follows: A 1:1 mixture of Ham's F12 medium with 2.5 mM L-glutamine and Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium adjusted to contain 1.2 g/L sodium bicarbonate (available as ATCC 30-2006) with additional supplements at the concentrations below: 0.02 mg/ml insulin 0.01 mg/ml transferrin 25 nM sodium selenite 50 nM Hydrocortisone 1 ng/ml Epidermal Growth Factor (do not filter) 0.01 mM ethanolamine 0.01 mM phosphorylethanolamine 100 pM triiodothyronine 0.5% (w/v) bovine serum albumin 10 mM HEPES 0.5 mM sodium pyruvate 2mM L-glutamine
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Usage Note:
Date Publicly Available: 2012-04-25
Most Recent Update: 2016-04-04

Batch Information for HMSL50032-2:

HMS LINCS Batch ID: 50032-2
Provider: Center for Molecular Therapeutics (CMT; Massachusetts General Hospital)
Provider Catalog ID: MGH-1245
Provider Batch ID:
Source Information: Obtained by Yangzhong Tang (Harvard Medical School) from the Center for Molecular Therapeutics (CMT; Massachusetts General Hospital) (contact: Cyril Benes).
Date Received:
HMS QC Outcome:
Transient Modification(s):
Date Publicly Available: 2016-06-06
Most Recent Update: 2016-07-12