Systematic analysis of BRAFV600E melanomas reveals a role for JNK/c-Jun pathway in adaptive resistance to drug-induced apoptosis

VIP scores browser

The following browser tool allows you to explore the variable importance in the projection (VIP) score of each PLSR model variable relative to cell viability across all time points studied. This data browser also allows you to visualize the relative importance of each variable in the context of the molecular pathways impinging upon drug-induced adaptive responses in these cell lines.

The graph on the left maps the VIP scores (as reported by Fallahi-Sichani et al.) for any chosen combination of cell line and timepoint onto a schematic diagram of processes (in italics) and factors involved in immediate-early signaling. (See Figures 2 and 4 of Fallahi-Sichani et al.).

The heatmap on the right gives a bird's-eye-view of the same data, which can be used as a guide to which cell-line/timepoint combinations to focus on.


  • The combination of cell line and timepoint may be changed by clicking either on the desired values in the menus to the left of the diagram; or on the appropriate row in the heatmap.
  • By holding down the Shift Key while by hovering the cursor, either over the menus to the left, or over the rows of the heatmap, it is possible to quickly scan over many combinations of cell line and timepoint.
    • Doing this changes neither the selected entries in the menus nor the selected row in the heatmap (they remain indicated by a thin dark outline). The display will revert to these selected values once the Shift Key is released.
  • The colorbar at the bottom left of the page shows the mapping from colors to VIP scores. A striped background (on RPPA measurements in the graph or on heatmap cells) indicates a "not available" status.

  • Also, hovering the cursor over any color-coded element, either on the diagram or on the heatmap, reveals either the underlying numeric value or the string "(na)" (for "not available").

Relevant signatures

Signature Average variable importance in the projection (VIP) scores from the PLSR models analyzing the covariation of molecular signals with cell viability and apoptosis fraction in BRAF(V600E/D) melanoma cell lines (HMS Dataset #20231) Details Download (.xlsx)